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CETL Workshop: Improving assessment to enhance the quality and productivity of higher education

This workshop helps participants explore how to improve assessment and the quality and productivity of higher education.

Date: Sept 23, 2013 (Mon)
Time: 12:45pm – 2pm
Venue: Room 321, Run Run Shaw Building
Facilitator: Dr Hamish Coates

To begin, I review underpinning contexts and concepts, then analyse two case studies that expose key methods and opportunities. To conclude this first portion of the workshop I present a model that institutions and academics can use to implement structured assessment partnerships.

Next, participants are invited to reflect broadly on how they would use the model to improve assessment, to identify the best single change they could make, and to detail what would be required to make this change work.

The workshop concludes by drawing together participants’ proposals, evaluating the value and feasibility of each, and drawing broader conclusions about how such effort can improve higher education.

Concluding remarks focus on work underway to impel change in this area, such as international transparency initiatives, the development of assessment resources and services, and building professional capacity and community.

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