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Grand Finale of Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought


As HKU03x Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought is drawing to a close, we are going to round up the journey with an exciting online debate! You can join us in the audience simply by clicking on YouTube.

As remarked by course instructor Professor Chad Hansen, ‘For a teacher, it is a big change getting to know most of you by “handles” on your posts and [be] awed by the global reach and diversity of our online community.’ This debate goes in line with our dedication to achieving extensive global reach, while keeping the high-touch personalized interaction that you would expect in traditional classroom teaching.

Debaters from around the world will present their arguments on the topic
We should follow the social conventions of our society”, followed by comments and summary by Professor Chad Hansen.

Date: August 15, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 22:00 HKT / 14:00 UTC
Language: English

Live recording


  1. Click the above link and then choose the YouTube live stream: HKU03x Online Debate: We should follow the social conventions of our society.
  2. Depending on your YouTube time zone setting, you will see “Watch the live stream!” and the time of the event, with the number of hours left to the debate underneath.
  3. Contribute to the live chat on your right and share with us your thoughts during the debate!
  4. Let the countdown begin and we are looking forward to meeting you online.

Don’t miss out on the grand finale of our first MOOC in Philosophy!

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