Joint Seminar by Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
E-Learning Pedagogical Support Unit & Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative

Speaker: Professor Rick Glofcheski, Faculty of Law
Date : 25 November, 2015 (Wednesday)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:45pm
Venue : Social Sciences Chamber, 11/F, The Jockey Club Tower


What happens when you “flip” a large (260 student) compulsory law course? What happens when lectures are cancelled and replaced by a series of short, punchy videos for online viewing before attending class? What happens when students attend class not to take lecture notes, but to work in small groups to solve ill-defined real-world problems, and then present their work for discussion and evaluation by the entire class? What happens? You might be surprised. Graphic evidence will be presented. Come to the seminar, have a sandwich, and find out what happens.

Professor Rick Glofcheski teaches tort law and labour law at HKU. He has also taught criminal law, contract law, legal system, and medical law. After teaching large classes (250+ students) for many years, Rick began to explore new pedagogies and practices that would produce more sustainable learning, learning that was more likely to be retained and available to students post-final examination. These practices are oriented toward a more student-centered, independent and authentic learning model. In recognition of some of this work, Rick received a number of teaching awards including, in 2011, the first ever University Grants Committee Teaching Award.