Date: 25 May 2021 (Tue)
Time: 12:30pm – 1:25pm
Venue: Virtual Venue – via Zoom
Instructors: Dr Leon Lei, Ms Cindy Liang


After experimenting with a year of virtual learning, teachers may be exploring how you can teach in the future: Should we return to the practices of pre-pandemic education? Should we rethink our practice and integrate our recent teaching experience for hybrid, blended, and virtual education into the next stage? Is there any support from support units to moving forward?

“Instructional Design Extension Assistant (IDEA)” is a new scheme proposed by Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative (TELI) to support teachers who may be interested in rethinking and transforming your practice for blended instruction in the next stage. This program serves as a one-stop station where you will get support from TELI on co-developing your course and receive feedback. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the IDEA program aims to support 10 courses on advancing teachers’ online/blended instruction.

This webinar will provide you with some ideas to rethink your teaching practices during the pandemic and advance your instruction via suitable learning technologies. Hopefully this webinar can inspire you to move forward.

The rundown of the webinar is as followed:

  • Sharing some findings based on our literature review of virtual instruction practice in engineering/technology education during the pandemic;
  • Introducing the “Community of Inquiry” framework, which is commonly used to facilitate online/blended learning;
  • Providing more details on the IDEA scheme.