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“Instructional Design Extension Assistant (IDEA)” Scheme

Since the early stage of the pandemic in early 2020, teachers have had to adopt online, hybrid flexible (HyFlex) or other new modes of teaching. Different support schemes had been quickly developed across the university. These schemes responsively helped teachers to build the capacity for their emergency remote teaching.

After a year of remote instruction, remote learning pedagogies have been widely adopted by teachers as the pandemic evolved. Furthermore, more teachers are excited to design learner-centred and sustainable online/virtual/blended learning experiences with cutting-edge learning technologies. However, teachers often need adequate technical/pedagogical support for the development beyond emergency virtual instruction.

“Instructional Design Extension Assistant (IDEA)” is a new scheme implemented by TELI from 2021 to 2023. In brief, instructional design assistants co-develop virtual instructional materials with teachers for blended learning and flipped classroom. The scheme supports teachers transforming their blended instruction in the next stage, based on the scholarly research from the learning science field. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the IDEA program aims to support ten (10) HKU courses on advancing teachers’ online/blended instruction.

Examples of possible developments include, but not limited to:

  • Collaborative learning activities through Google Suites, Microsoft 365, Miro, or other tools
  • AI-facilitated teaching and learning, including Chatbot
  • OER-enabled pedagogies and renewable assignments
  • Inclusive and accessible learning resources
  • Digital assessments

If you are interested to co-develop virtual instructions together, please contact Dr Leon Lei ( for more information.