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Undergraduate Research Series

Organised by Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Series Abstract

How can we engage undergraduate students in research? Promoting undergraduate research is a key recommendation in HKU’s “Delivering for Our Students Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Strategy 2021-28”. This series aims to showcase successful examples, effective strategies, and practical models of how undergraduate students have been involved in research both within and outside HKU. This series consists of four sessions. We are excited to have you join us in this series!


[2 March 2022] Talk 1: BAScLab (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences): A model for interdisciplinary, undergraduate-led research development and delivery
[9 March 2022] Talk 2: HKU Registered Reports challenge: Promoting, supporting, and incentivizing open-science high-rigor publishable science with students
[23 Mar 2022] Talk 3: Nurturing Researchers of Tomorrow: The URECA experience at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
[29 Mar 2022] Talk 4: Transdisciplinary crossings: Student research capacities and civic engagement

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For information, please contact:
Ms. Lavina Luk, CETL
Phone: 3917 5272; Email: