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Celebrating Excellence at the URFP Poster Session!
Last Friday, we had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable achievements of our talented students from the 2022-23 URFP cohort. After months of dedicated research, 39 participants presented their groundbreaking findings, leaving us in awe.
Today, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the shining stars of the event, the 6 students who stood out as the best presenters. Their exceptional performance deserves our utmost admiration:
πŸ† Wong Ho Cheong, Geology year 4, Faculty of Science
πŸ† LEUNG Ka Yan Miko, MBBS year 4, Faculty of Medicine
πŸ† CHUI Siu Wa, Biomedical Sciences year 4, Faculty of Medicine
πŸ† Sneha BALASUBRAMANIAN, Biomedical Sciences year 4, Faculty of Medicine
πŸ† WEI Tong An Richard, History and Politics and Public Admin year 4, Faculty of Social Sciences

πŸ† LEE Tung Julianne, Speech and Hearing Sciences year 5, Faculty of Education

Their dedication, passion, and exceptional research skills have truly left a lasting impact. Join us in applauding their outstanding achievements!