Curriculum Innovation Network

The University of Southampton and the University of Aberdeen have jointly established a global network of universities that are engaged in institution-wide curriculum innovation to share learning, identify best practice and explore practical solutions to challenges ahead. The first meeting took place at the University of Southampton on January 18-19, 2011.

Higher education experts from around the world joined the meeting and presentations were made by representatives from the UK, Australia, Brunei, the USA, and Hong Kong. At the meeting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Amy Tsui introduced HKU’s curriculum reform work, including the Enabling Curriculum Structure under the new undergraduate curriculum, the underlying Educational Aims, the Common Core, and various examples of Experiential Learning.

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New strategy on e-learning

At HKU, e-learning is defined as the use of all types of technologies to enhance teaching and learning in conjunction with face-to-face learning. We emphasize the centrality of learning and the use of technologies as a tool to enrich the quality of learning and open up new opportunities for learning. We believe that it is important to align our e-learning strategy with the overall strategic plan of the University and the achievement of the institutional educational aims.

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334 Symposia by HUCOM

The 11th of HUCOM’s joint institutional activities for sharing of knowledge and experience in preparation for the “3+3+4” reform to be held on March 4, 2011.

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C9+1 Symposium

Vice-Presidents and representatives from China’s C9 Universities and HKU met on September 20 and 21, 2010 at the Inaugural Symposium of C9+1 Universities in China held at HKU.Learn More

Staff-student Meeting on Common Core

Staff-student meeting on Common Core

On March 8, 2010 Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Amy B.M. Tsui and a number of staff, including Executive Director of CETL and members of the Common Core Curriculum Committee and the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee, met with fourteen students to discuss issues related to the Common Core Curriculum. The meeting was initiated by office bearers of the Students’ Union and its associated Faculty Societies in an attempt to address students’ queries over the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum in 2012.

Students were informed of why HKU would be implementing the Common Core in the context of undergraduate curriculum reform. In particular, the Common Core would enable students to broaden their horizons beyond their chosen discipline and would give them the opportunity to explore issues of profound significance to humankind in the 21st century. Teachers from various Faculties explained how the Common Core would be incorporated into their future curricula, and assured students that the Common Core would fit into professional degrees as well as double-degree programs involving multiple Faculties.

Since most Common Core courses would have a heavy weighting of coursework assessment, students were concerned about the workload implications. It was explained that student workload hours for each standard 6-credit course would be between 120 and 180, so coursework assessment should not lead to additional workload. The meeting ended with Professor Tsui’s remarks on the importance of constant dialogue between students and staff, and her words of thanks to the students for initiating and joining the meeting.

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334 Symposia by HUCOM

The Symposium, hosted by HKU on the first of March 2010, took place at Rayson Huang Theatre, the University of Hong Kong.

Vice-Chancellor Lap-Chee Tsui gave a warm welcome to over 300 attendees from local tertiary institutions, UGC, Education Bureau, and other organizations, noting the significance of Standards Based Assessment and Honours Classification in the implementation of the new 334 academic reform.

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Curriculum Reform Retreat 2009

The Steering Committee on 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum held its 4th Curriculum Reform Retreat on June 22-23, 2009 at the Aberdeen Marina Club. The theme of this retreat is “Student Learning Experience and Assessment”. Faculties responded enthusiastically and about 180 participants joined the Retreat, consisting of Deans, Heads of Departments and mostly staff members who are key players in the implementation of teaching and learning matters, teaching award winners, and members of the subcommittees of the Steering Committee. Of the retreat participants, over 30 are office bearers of student organizations and student representatives from Faculties.

The first session was devoted to the interpretation of the preliminary findings of the HKUSLEQ 08-09 whereas the two sessions on the next day were focused on assessment issues, particularly the move to standards-referenced assessment and First Year Experience (FYE). Students collectively made three impressive presentations to express their views on student learning experience, assessment and FYE.

Responses from the participants were very positive and encouraging. Please see below for the Feedback Report, programme rundown and the presentation files.
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Day 1: Monday June 22, 2009 (afternoon) (Grand Ballroom, 2/F)
From To Programme
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2:00pm 2:15pm Opening Address
Professor Lap-Chee Tsui (VC & President)
2:15pm 2:40pm Curriculum Reform Progress Report and Student Learning Experience
Session Facilitator: Mr Benny T.Y. Tai (Retreat Organizing Committee Chair)

(I) CR Progress Report (Plenary Session)

  • Overview of progress made on curriculum reform
    • Professor Amy B.M. Tsui (Chair of SC; PVC(T&L) & VP)
  • Progress report on Common Core (CC) Curriculum and overview of CC offerings for 2010
    • Professor Joseph C.W. Chan (Deputy Chair of CCC Subcom; SC member)
    • Mr T. Gwyn Edwards (CC Co-ordinator)
2:40pm 3:45pm (II) Student Learning Experience (Plenary Session)

  • Student learning experience: Preliminary findings of HKUSLEQ 2009
    • Professor Amy B.M. Tsui (Chair of SC; PVC(T&L) & VP) 
    • Dr Beverley J. Webster (CAUT Deputy Executive Director) 
    • Dr Albert W.L. Chau (Dean of Student Affairs; Chair of Student Learning Experience Subcom; SC member) 
  • Student learning experience: Findings of follow-up focus group interviews with students on HKUSLEQ findings
    • Professor David R. Kember (Professor affiliated with CAUT) (5 mins) 
    • Dr Susan M. Bridges (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dentistry) (10 mins) 
    • Dr Y. Feng (Assistant Professor, School of Chinese Medicine) (5 mins) 
  • Q & A
3:45pm 4:00pm Tea Break (Marina Suite, 2/F)
4:00pm 5:00pm (III) Student Learning Experience (Break-out Session)

  • HKUSLEQ findings and identification of strengths and areas for improvement
5:00pm 6:00pm (IV) Student Learning Experience (Interactive Session)

  • Response from students and Reporting back from staff 
  • Q & A

Day 2: Tuesday June 23, 2009 (Morning) (Grand Ballroom, 2/F)
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8:45am 9:15am Assessment

  • Session Facilitator: Dr Stephen B. Pointing (Retreat Organizing Committee Member)

(I) Assessment: Current Practices at HKU, Issues and Implications – An Overview (Plenary Session)

  • Professor Esmonde F. Corbet (Chair of Assessment Subcom; SC member)  
9:15am 10:30am (II) Panel Discussion (Plenary Session)
Part A – Comments from panelists on key issues
Panelists: Member(s) of SC Subcom, Faculty academic staff and student(s)

  • Outcome-based learning and standards-referenced assessment
    • Professor Michael T. Prosser (CAUT Executive Director; SC member) 
  • Assessment standards and GPA
    • Professor Amy B M Tsui (Chair, SC; PVC (T&L) &VP)
    • Dr Otto Heim (Associate Dean (UG Student Affairs), Faculty of Arts) 
  • Assessment policy
    • Professor Stephen J. Andrews (Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)-designate, Faculty of Education) 
    • Professor Esmonde F. Corbet (Professor, Faculty of Dentistry) 

Part B – Comments from the floor

10:30am 11:00am Tea Break (Marina Suite, 2/F)
11:00am 11:45am (III) Standardizing Assessment Practices and Assessment Policy (Break-out Session)
11:45am 12:30pm (IV) Interactive Session

  • Response from students and Reporting back from staff  
  • Q & A
12:30pm 1:30pm Lunch (Balcony & Board Room, 1/F)
1:30pm 2:15pm First Year Experience (FYE)
Session Facilitator: Professor L.C. Chan (Retreat Organizing Committee Member)

(I) Transition from School to University Education: Problems and Issues (Plenary Session)

  • Presentation of findings of FYE (2008-2009) and First Year Expectation Surveys (2008-09)
    • Dr Albert W.L. Chau (Dean of Student Affairs; Chair of Student Learning Experience Subcom; SC member) 
    • Professor Michael T. Prosser (CAUT Executive Director; SC member) 
  • Presentation of findings of FYE focus group interviews
    • Professor David R. Kember (Professor affiliated with CAUT) 
    • Dr David M. Pomfret (Associate Dean (Curriculum Development), Faculty of Arts; SC member)
  • Q & A
2:15pm 3:00pm (II) FYE Findings & Proposed and Implemented Courses of Action (Break-out Session cum Tea Break)
3:00pm 4:00pm (III) Interactive Session

  • Experience sharing from staff
    • Dr Albert W.L. Chau (Dean of Student Affairs; Chair of Student Learning Experience Subcom; SC member) 
    • Professor Ian Holliday (Dean of Social Sciences)
    • Dr Tsing Nam-kiu (Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning), Faculty of Science) 
  • Response and Proposal from students 
4:00pm 4:15pm Wrap Up and Look Ahead
Professor Amy B.M. Tsui (Chair of SC; PVC(T&L) & VP)
4:15pm 4:25pm Closing Remarks
Professor Richard Y.C. Wong (DVC & Provost)
4:25pm 4:30pm Filling out Feedback Form