News coverage on HKU’s effort in e-learning


South China Morning Post recently interviewed our teachers on how e-learning has taken off at HKU and will bring unprecedented learning experience to learners both on and off campus. The first MOOC, an introductory public health course entitled Epidemics, showcased the University’s strength in the global context, and was “hugely successful”.

The initiative turned out to be headlights into how online learning can be widely and effectively incorporated into on-campus education. The article highlighted the valuable statistics collected from MOOCs. Leveraging a treasure of both quantitative and qualitative data collected from an impressive number of MOOC learners, teachers were able to evaluate and refine course materials and assessments, which can then be repurposed for their on-campus counterparts, laying the groundwork for “flipped classroom” teaching.

The data also provided insights into how some e-learning tools for on-campus students can be improved. For example, compared to the underused Moodle online forum, the MOOC discussion forums encouraged students to ask questions in a comfortable way since they allowed a certain level of anonymity.

New and exciting online courses are on the way to provide e-learners an ever better expereience. Read the article to find out more.

Wen Wei Po article on HKU’s MOOCs

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Wen Wei Po interviewed Professor Amy B.M. Tsui, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning), on HKU’s approach to massive open online courses (MOOCs) and our contribution to the edX platform. Read the article to find out more about how MOOCs bring a shift to the teaching and learning landscape of higher education, and change the way we envision alternatives to pedagogies. In the article, Professor David P.Y. Lung, Professor of Architecture, also shared about the challenges and excitement of preparing his edX course on vernacular heritage in Asia.

News Clippings on the Launch Ceremony of the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre

Over 250 staff, students, alumni and friends of HKU attended the launch ceremony of the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre on 19 March 2012. Dr. Gallant Ho, donor of the Centre and an HKU alumnus, and Professor Tsui Lap-chee, Vice-Chancellor and President, officiated at the event. Work done by Faculties was showcased with a video, complemented by a lively sharing session by staff and students.

To learn more about the Centre, please read this brochure or visit the website.

To read the newspaper clippings on the launch, please click here.

Article in University World News

At the March 2010 Going Global 4 international education conference organized by British Council, PVC(T&L) Professor Amy Tsui presented HKU’s curriculum reform at a panel session entitled “Hong Kong: Audacious in Reform”. Hong Kong’s ambitious reform captured the attention of an international audience and was described as “breathtakingly audacious” and “daring”. University World News, a web publication based in London, reported on HKU’s huge undertaking in detail. Please visit this link for the full article. Times Higher Education also reported on HKU’s curriculum reform and what is happening in Hong Kong’s education arena. Please click here to read the report.

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Article in Times Higher Education

Extreme makeover

The University of Hong Kong has rebuilt its curriculum from the ground up to embrace ‘experiential learning’ and internationalism so as to produce ‘global citizens’. Hannah Fearn reports

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