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Use of GeoGebra for the Teaching and Learning of Introductory-level Mathematics Courses


This project proposes the construction of a library of teaching and learning resources for introductory-level mathematics courses. These resources will be designed and created using GeoGebra, a free and open-source software that combines the ease of use of a dynamic geometry software with typical features of a computer algebra system. The use of GeoGebra allows visualizations of mathematical ideas and creation of interactive instructional materials. The web-based platform developed in this project will provide teachers with lively in-class demonstration to supplement the rigorous mathematical theories, and will facilitate the presentation of the dynamic nature of topics involving calculus and geometry. In addition, the tailor-made applets with corresponding guidelines and activities can foster student-centered learning as well as mathematical explorations. The entire project has been incorporated into the HKU EdX platform.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Y.M. Chan, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science Contact

Project level

Programme-level project

Project Completion

March 2017


  1. HKU EdX course: GeoGebra Resources for Introductory-level Mathematics
  2. An online course “GeoGebra Resources for Introductory-level Mathematics Courses” has been created under “HKU Online Learning” where teachers and students can find the collection of GeoGebra applets with guidelines and self-explorations.
  3. E-blog: https://tl.hku.hk/2017/09/learning-the-dynamics-and-beauty-of-mathematics-through-geogebra/
  4. Screen caps of the materials. Download
  5. Full access to the materials. Download