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DOW – The Library Skills Tutorial on Moodle

Message from University Libraries

With the collaborative effort of the e-learning Pedagogical Support Unit, Centre for Information Technology in Education and HKU Libraries, we are pleased to introduce DOW, the Library Skills Tutorial on Moodle.

What is DOW?

DOW stands for Discover, Organize and Write, and we hope the resource will enable users to do well, thrive and prosper in their study and research.  DOW aims to provide users with a general background on the information resources available through the library and to enable users to develop search skills essential to succeeding in their studies.  Each bubble in the tutorial leads you to a short video, a simple pdf guide, or a website. You are most welcome to join our course forum by posting your messages there.

How to access?

  1. Point to
  2. Choose Non-HKU Portal user
  3. Login with the guest account:
  • Username: lib_skills_2012_hkul001
  • Password: Guest!23  (Note: password is case-sensitive)

Access is also available at HKUL Homepage > Research Guides > DOW

Any questions on DOW can be directed to the Information Services Division of the HKU Libraries (Email: