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2014 Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China

Message from CEDARS – Learning Plus

This program is initiated and organized by Tsinghua University, Beijing, China from 2006. A total of 1,741 students and 250 faculty members from Tsinghua University and 545 students and faculty members from other regions and countries’ universities, have been dispatched in teams, to rural counties in the past eight years.

Every summer, 180 Tsinghua volunteers and 120 volunteers from other regions and countries, who show a sincere commitment to charity work were recruited to join the Program. Successful applicants will be dispatched in 30 teams and perform their service in 30 counties throughout various locations in rural China. Each team will consist of one Tsinghua teacher, five Tsinghua students, four non-Tsinghua volunteers. Volunteers can provide diversified services to the local students in those rural counties, including English teaching, social survey conducting, lectures and intercultural communication exercises.

For 2014 SSLP, the Program will run from July 9th to July 29th, 2014. Students who are interested in joining the program should read through the information (in Chinese) at: and submit your application with all necessary materials to Ms. JIAO Yiju (Daisy) by email on or before 10 April, 2014.

Volunteers need to arrive in Beijing on July 9th and leave from Beijing on July 29th. Volunteers are responsible for payment of a non-refundable US $490 program registration fee, the round-trip air travel to and from Beijing. Tsinghua University will provide the accommodation, the subsidy for food, the transportation to the rural locations, the accidental insurance for all the volunteers during the program in China.

Videos about this program:
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