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Student Learning Experience Surveys Now Open


The HKUSLEQ and TPgLEQ 2013-14 administration window has been closed already.

HKU conducts institutional surveys on students’ learning experiences regularly to yield information for analysis and renewal of curriculum and pedagogy. The findings help ensure and enhance the quality of learning experiences.

We now invite all first, second (under the new 4-year curriculum) and final year undergraduate students to complete the University of Hong Kong Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (HKUSLEQ); and all final year taught-postgraduate students are invited to fill out the Taught Postgraduate Experience Questionnaire (TPgLEQ). Both surveys are conducted on-line. All target students should have received an e-mail invitation with the link to the survey. They can also access the link through the “My e-learning” tab in HKU Portal, as well as this direct link.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. All answers will remain anonymous. Personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Please contact the Survey Team at or 3917- 4787 for technical assistance.

We appreciate and value our students’ response.