Which words would you use to describe how you feel about your university experience? Exciting? Stressful? Rewarding? From April 18-21, the Teaching and Learning Evaluation and Measurement Unit (T&LEMU) invited students to participate in an interactive exhibition to present the Student Learning Experience Questionnaire (SLEQ) and hear their feedback about university life. T&LEMU is excited to report that over 400 students and staff participated in the four-day event.

In addition to celebrating the 10th anniversary of SLEQ, the event also aimed to showcase the importance of educational data at HKU. The exhibition theme was “The Arts of Educational Data” in order to highlight how (big) data is used to monitor learning progression in higher education today. Educational display boards showed how HKU uses student data to close the feedback loop and promote quality improvement of teaching and learning. Several case studies of student feedback were also featured on topics such as hall life and international exchange. Students are encouraged to participate in the SLEQ.

The exhibition also featured an interactive component where students were invited to participate in several “message boards” and pin up words or emojis to describe how they feel about their university experience. Popular descriptions included friendship, freedom, adventurous, and challenging. Students also showed their artistic side with a fun university life colouring board.
All of the T&LEMU staff enjoyed interacting with students and members of the HKU community. A big thank you to all who helped and participated!

T&LEMU’s interactive display boards for student feedback on university life

A T&LEMU staff member encourages student participation in the event