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Camtasia Video Production Workshop (Basic and Advanced)

We have received an overwhelming response for the interactive Camtasia video production workshop. Some of the new registrants will be put on the waiting list, and we have decided to organise four more interactive workshops. Check out the new dates below!

Thank you to those who have registered. An acknowledgement email will be sent out soon to those who have successfully registered.

More dates available now:

29 March 2021 (Basic) *Students only: Registration

1 Apr 2021 (Advanced) *Students only: Registration

11 May 2021 (Basic): Registration

14 May 2021 (Advanced): Registration

23 March 2021 (Basic) – FULL
25 March 2021 (Advanced) – FULL
4 May 2021 (Basic) – FULL
7 May 2021 (Advanced) – FULL

Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Venue: Virtual Venue – via Zoom
Speaker: Dr Leon Lei, Ms Sharon Keung, Ms Cindy Liang
Number of seats: 30 per workshop
Remarks: The content of two Basic workshops is identical, and the same for the two Advanced workshops. Interested participants can sign up for either one or both of the workshops based on your proficiency in using Camtasia.

Educational videos have become an important part of higher education. Educators can integrate multimedia content such as instructional videos for delivering content in many online/hybrid classes. The challenge for educators is understanding and exploring how best we might produce teaching videos and use videos as an educational tool effectively.

Upon completion of the workshops, participants will be able to identify the opportunities, challenges, and tactics of producing high-quality instructional videos for teaching and learning.

In the basic workshop, we will introduce:

  • download and installation of Camtasia with HKU Campus License
  • basic features of Camtasia
  • recording, editing and sharing your first screencast
  • video editing basics
  • audio editing basics
  • adjusting clip speed
  • using the PowerPoint add-in
  • exporting and sharing your first video

In the advanced workshop, we will introduce:

  • selecting area that you want to record
  • resizing your window using Sizer
  • adding annotations and transitions
  • creating advanced animations
  • making it snap with magnetic tracks
  • adding sound effects
  • leveling volume
  • including music
  • sharing projects with others
  • removing noise

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