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Student Learning Festival and HKU Horizons Experience Awards 2022-23
Congratulations to the winners of the #hkuhorizons Experience Awards 2022-23! A prize presentation and award-winning video screening ceremony was held at the Student Learning Festival on April 26, 2023. Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) congratulated the students on their outstanding performance and commended the students for their efforts in capturing the fond memories of their overseas learning experiences to share with the HKU community.
Top Prize:
  • TAM Ching Hin Anfield, BSocSc (Govt&Laws) Year 4: The Laidlaw Scholars Programme 2022 (Columbia Global Leadership in Action Programme) (
Over 10 Common Core and undergraduate courses were showcased at the event, with course tutors and students sharing the objectives and learning outcomes with the HKU community.
Professor Julian Tanner, Director of Common Core, expressed a token of appreciation to various HKU units including CEDARS, T&LEMU, BASc, CiC and HKU Horizons Office for their efforts in organising the Student Learning Festival.
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HKU Horizons Experience Award
In support of internationalization, the University has launched the HKU Horizons endeavor, with the specific aims to promote and provide educationally meaningful and robust Mainland and international (ML/INT) learning experience for undergraduate students. Awards are being established to encourage students to reflect on and to share their ML/INT learning experience, with a view to promoting and publicizing the HKU Horizons endeavor. The Award competition is held annually in January. Three awards – with a top prize of $10,000 and two further prizes of $5,000, are awarded. For more details, please visit