HKU Horizons : NEWDAY 2024 Fostering Global Harmony & Understanding

NEWDAY provides a platform for university students from the Nordic region and East Asia, to engage in dialogue on current global challenges, to learn from each other, and foster harmonious relations between prospective future leaders. The academy provides a unique opportunity to learn and debate about contemporary issues based on acquired knowledge of great Western and East Asian thinkers and humanitarians, presented by distinguished scholars from the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and leading universities in the East Asian region (China, Japan and Korea) as well as from the rest of Europe and the USA.

The HKU Horizons Office will sponsor 3 undergraduate students to Newday
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Student Learning Festival and HKU Horizons Experience Awards 2022-23

Congratulations to the winners of the #hkuhorizons Experience Awards 2022-23! A prize presentation and award-winning video screening ceremony was held at the Student Learning Festival on April 26, 2023. Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) congratulated the students on their outstanding performance and commended the students for their efforts in capturing the fond memories of their overseas learning experiences to share with the HKU community.
Top Prize:
  • TAM Ching Hin Anfield, BSocSc (Govt&Laws) Year 4: The Laidlaw Scholars Programme 2022 (Columbia Global Leadership in Action Programme) (
Over 10 Common Core and undergraduate courses were showcased at the event, with course tutors and students sharing the objectives and learning outcomes with the HKU community.
Professor Julian Tanner, Director of Common Core, expressed a token of appreciation to various HKU units including CEDARS, T&LEMU, BASc, CiC and HKU Horizons Office for their efforts in organising the Student Learning Festival.
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HKU Horizons Experience Award
In support of internationalization, the University has launched the HKU Horizons endeavor, with the specific aims to promote and provide educationally meaningful and robust Mainland and international (ML/INT) learning experience for undergraduate students. Awards are being established to encourage students to reflect on and to share their ML/INT learning experience, with a view to promoting and publicizing the HKU Horizons endeavor. The Award competition is held annually in January. Three awards – with a top prize of $10,000 and two further prizes of $5,000, are awarded. For more details, please visit

6 students selected for Best Presenter Awards at the Poster Session of the UG Research Fellowship Programme 2022-23

Thirty three undergraduate students participated in the Poster Session of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP) 2022-23 held on April 19, 2023 to share their research findings and experience with the HKU community.  The Poster Session provides a platform for participating students of the URFP to share the research, scholarship and creativity activity with other fellow HKUers and faculty members who serve as URFP project supervisors.
Six best presenters were selected by a selection panel consisting of Professor Ian Holliday, Chairman of the Working Group on URFP and Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), members of the Working Group on URFP: Dr Eric C. Ip, Faculty of Law; Dr Olivia Leung, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Business and Economics; Dr Thiyagarajan Vengatesen, Assistant Dean (Experiential Learning), Faculty of Science; and Dr Patrick Chung, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, LKS Faculty of Medicine.  
The wining students of the Poster Session of URFP 2022-23 are:
  • CHEUNG On Hei, BSocSc, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • SO Charlotte Theodora, BBiomedSc, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • WONG Wing Yan, BBiomedSc, LKS Faculty of Medicine       
  • Jessica YAM, BBiomedSc, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • YEUNG Kin Ling Kinny, BSc(Sp&HearSc), Faculty of Education
  • YEUNG Lok Sze, BBiomedSc, LKS Faculty of Medicine 
Students who enroll in the URFP are generally in their final year studies and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above.  The URFP calls for applications in January each year and students admitted to the programme will have the opportunity to undertake a course component and deliver a research deliverable.  They could also submit an application to apply for the Research Internship Award, which supports research internship to be conducted in Hong Kong, mainland China or overseas for not less than 8 weeks. 
Ever since the URFP was launched in 2015-16, over 400 students have been selected to receive the Research Internship Awards to conduct their research projects in some 50 institutions across 13 regions, including Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, mainland China, the UK and the US.
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Transdisciplinary Experiential Learning Fund

The Transdisciplinary Experiential Learning Fund enables innovative and immersive experiential learning projects/activities aligned with the Common Core. Students and/or teachers can apply for funding which enables students either individually or in teams to engage with transdisciplinary experiential learning involving real-life challenges beyond the campus. Activities should foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, and should have local and/or global impact. Activities can take place in Hong Kong, in the Mainland, or internationally.

More details can be found on: 

The HKU Laidlaw Scholars Programme 2022-23

Calling all Next Generation Leaders!

Conduct important research under a leading academic, cultivate your leadership potential with bespoke training, and drive change where it really matters. All fully funded.

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme at the University of Hong Kong, a research scholarship scheme for outstanding first- and second-year HKU undergraduate students which started at HKU in 2018, enabled some 100 HKU students to gain research experience at HKU, University of Leeds, University College London, University of St. Andrews and University of York in the fields of arts, business, computer science, psychology, speech and hearing sciences, mathematics, and mechanical engineering in the past 5 summers.

The Programme comprises five main elements: a summer research project, leadership workshops, a leadership-in-action project, an ethical leadership masterclass and networking through a global network.

The Scholarship will cover the following components:

  • Weekly stipend: HK$2,000 (local research) / HK$5,000 (overseas research) per week for up to 6 weeks to support summer research
  • Travel: Up to HK$15,000 will be provided to support the leadership-in-action programme in/outside of Hong Kong
  • An ethical leadership masterclass by London Business School (online course)


  • 6 weeks of research in summer 2023 at HKU, University of Leeds, University of St. Andrews, or University College London
  • 6 weeks of leadership expedition in summer 2024
  • Online leadership masterclass by London Business School

An information session will take place at 4-5pm on November 14 (Monday) via Zoom Conferencing. Register now.

Applications are now accepted until 23:59, February 5, 2023

Visit for details.

Horizons Office

Call for Project Supervision – Laidlaw Scholars Programme 2020-21

Message from HKU Horizons Office

Dear colleagues

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme, a research scholarship scheme for outstanding second- and third-year HKU undergraduate students which started at HKU in 2018, enabled 56 HKU students to gain research experience at HKU, University of Leeds, University College London, University of St. Andrews and University of York in the fields of arts, business, computer science, psychology, speech and hearing sciences, mathematics, and mechanical engineering in the past 3 summers. In 2020-21, HKU will continue with an annual quota of 25 undergraduate students who can choose to work on a pre-existing project or a self-initiated project.

As the global public health situation in summer 2021 remains uncertain, we would encourage students to conduct their research projects at HKU or via remote supervision by HKU professors in accordance with prevailing university policies and advice from the Taskforce on Infectious Disease. Incoming students who are interested in seeking project supervision from HKU professors will be advised to strictly abide by the quarantine arrangements and other specified conditions imposed on inbound travellers as advised by the HKSAR government.

Support required from academic staff members for participating students:

Faculty members are cordially invited to put forward research projects to the Laidlaw Scholars Programme. Participants in your projects are expected to be exposed to different aspects of research and may be attached to a research group/lab to gain hands-on experience.

Key requirements: Supervision for 8 to 10 weeks during summer 2021 and winter 2021-22 – mainly to provide coaching on delivering a research project and to conduct meetings to review learning progress.

The application and selection schedule is as follows:

Month Process
Mid November 2020 List of projects announced
Late November 2020 – January 2021 Open for applications
February 2021 Vet applications and confirm acceptance
March – June 2021 Prepare for summer research
July – August 2021 Programme starts

Submission: Please submit your proposed research project topic(s), a brief description on each project, the maximum number of students to take on, and the respective selection criteria (if any) to this online form by November 9, 2020.

More details are available at Your support will be crucial for making the programme a great success.

Horizons Office

Calling for Applications: U21 Global Citizenship (Closing date: September 17, 2020)

Message from HKU Horizons Office

Calling for Applications: U21 Global Citizenship (Closing date: September 17, 2020)

Dear students

Universitas 21 (U21) will offer an online leadership development course entitled “U21 Global Citizenship” to nurture student innovators who are passionate about tackling the global issues as outlined in the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. HKU as a member university in the U21 network will select up to 75 students to participate in the U21 Global Citizenship course to be delivered on October 3-25.

What’s in the U21 Global Citizenship for you?

  • Connect and discuss global issues with students around the world
  • Meet like-minded individuals to develop ideas for social change
  • Experience international cooperation and leadership
  • Explore ideas for the U21 RISE competition with a chance to win funding for a social enterprise innovation

Delivered by Common Purpose, a global not-for-profit oranisation that specializes in cross-boundary leadership, the course will consist of a minimum of 9 hours of learning across 3 weeks of online engagement.

Participants having completed the course will receive a U21/Common Purpose micro-credential and badge which they may display on their LinkedIn profiles.

Students from all years of study and disciplines are welcome to submit an application by filling in this online form ( by 10am, September 17, 2020. Selection interviews will take place on September 21-24.

For more details on the U21 Global Citizenship, please click here.

For enquiries, please contact us by email at

HKU Horizons

Project Mingde Student Association – Members Recruitment

Message from HKU Horizons Office

This message is sent on behalf of Project Mingde Student Association.

Project Mingde Student Association – Members Recruitment

Dear students,

Project Mingde was established in 2003, with “We grow as we build” as our motto upholding HKU’s. Project Mingde provides a platform for students to participate in hands-on multi- disciplinary civil engineering projects and to serve impoverished communities in the Mainland.

Since our establishment, we have delivered 11 projects across Mainland China and Vietnam, including pedestrian bridges, dormitory, educational building and swimming pool. We are currently running 2 projects in Guangxi, namely the “Duling Primary School Composite Building” and “Dynamic Analysis of Wangdong Bridge”. Apart from project works, PMSA has conducted several engineering software workshops, site visits and voluntary teaching/ visit trips in rural regions.

We are now recruiting new members. Regardless of your academic year and faculties, ALL students interested are welcome to join us by registering via

Project Mingde offers valuable learning opportunities, making your university life more fruitful and meaningful. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through

Best regards,
Project Mingde Student Association
Session 2020 – 2021
Facebook page:
Official website



明德工程成立於2003年,以「建屋育人」為宗旨,讓大學同學參加跨學科助建工作, 協助內地貧困社區興建學校及基礎設施。

成立至今,明德工程已在內地及越南完成共11個項目,當中包括行人橋、宿舍、教學 樓、泳池等等。現時在廣西亦分別有「貴港小學綜合樓」及「汪洞橋動態結構分析」 兩個進行中的項目。我們亦有舉辦工程軟件工作坊、實地考察及內地山區義教暨考察團,擴闊同學們的視野。

明德工程學生會現正招募成員。不拘就讀年級及學系,任何有興趣的同學都可以經以下 Google 表格報名 (。

明德工程不但提供寶貴的學習經驗,還能使你的大學生活更有意義和充實,請把握機會報名。如有任何疑問,歡迎電郵至( 查詢。我們期待你的參與!

二零二零至二零二一年度 明德工程學生會


HKU Horizons Experience Awards

Message from HKU Horizons Office

Dear Students,

HKU Horizons Experience Awards

In support of its internationalization agenda, the University last year launched HKU Horizons, with the specific aim to promote and provide educationally meaningful and robust Mainland and international (ML/INT) learning experiences for undergraduate students. 

In order to encourage students to reflect on and share their ML/INT learning experiences, the HKU Horizons Experience Awards have been established.  The HKU Horizons Experience Awards competition will be organized annually in January, with a top prize of $10,000 and two further prizes of $5,000 to be awarded.

To enter the competition, undergraduate students must submit a video of not more than three minutes capturing and reflecting on their ML/INT learning experience.  Submissions may be made on an individual or a group basis.

Awards will be made on the basis of the substance and value of the learning experience captured, and also the quality of the video presentation.  The winning videos, acknowledged as “HKU Horizons Experience”, may be used by the university for promotional purposes, both internal and external.  The student producer, individual or group, will be acknowledged as appropriate. The videos may also be refined as appropriate and authorised by the HKU Horizons Committee.

Submissions for the 2019-20 Round are welcome from January 2 to February 10, 2020 (2400).  Please send in your submissions to  Further details can be obtained at


HKU Horizons Office