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Starting from September 22, 2020, dual-mode teaching for UG and TPD courses will start. Most of the courses will be available online throughout the semester while some students may return to campus for some face-to-face classes. A key challenge in this mode of teaching is to engage both the on-campus face-to-face students and off-campus online students effectively.

Tips and Advices on Dual-mode Teaching at HKU
To help teachers to get ready for dual-mode teaching, we have prepared a set of slides with some tips and advices, including:

  • Checking the facilities of the classroom assigned for your course,
  • How to stream your lesson for off-campus online students,
  • How to engage both face-to-face and online student groups, and
  • Connecting the two groups of students with collaborative tools, etc.

Extra Resources
We have also prepared a list of resources for HKU teachers and students to get ready for this semester.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at our Whatsapp Hotline (+852 6437-8034 / http://wa.me/85264378034)

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