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AAO Workshop: All you need to know about Common Core


Date: 12 Sept 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm
Venue: Meng Wah Complex, T3

Who is it for?

Open to all students.

What is it about?

This workshop will provide students with practical advice on understanding the common core curriculum requirement and how to prepare for these types of courses. Each area of inquiry will be highlighted. Current common core faculty and the director of common core will address typical questions from first year students and take questions from the audience.

Who will speak?

  • Mr. Gwyn Edwards, Director of the Common Core Curriculum
  • Dr. Amy Lewis, Academic Adviser, Academic Advising Office
  • Representatives from the four Areas of Inquiry:

Dr. David Pomfret Convenor of the Humanities AoI and course co-ordinator for “Making History: Engaging with the Powerful Past” (CCHU9003)

Scientific and Technological Literacy:

Professor L.C. Chan Leader for the AoI and course co-ordinator for “Blood, Beliefs, Biology” (CCST9024)

Global Issues

Dr. Gina Marchetti Convenor for the AoI and involved in the teaching of “Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens” (CCGL9001) and “Hong Kong Culture in the Context of Globalization”(CCGL9002)

China Culture, State and Society

Dr. Xianjun Yan Course co-ordinator of “Protests, Rebellions and Revolutions in Modern China: From 1840 until Today” (CCCH9009)

How to register?

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Telephone: 2219 4686