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HKU hosted Regional Training Day for edX


HKU hosted an edX training day for HKU MOOC teachers as well as members from other edX Asian partner institutions on November 15, 2013 at the Learning Commons of our Centennial Campus.

After a brief introduction to the training day by Johannes Heinlein, edX’s senior director of strategic partnerships, programme manager David Porter gave a presentation on the basic operation of a typical edX course, good MOOC teaching practices, and what enhancement work the edX team had been working on. Participants were also given useful advice on how to engage a global audience and author assessment tasks appropriate for massive enrollments.

To learn more about the course offerings of edX, please visit their website. For HKU members who would like to have further information on how to design, develop, and deliver a MOOC course, please get in touch with our e-learning Pedagogical Support Unit.