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SoL-SRT Seminar: Technology enhanced learning

Message from Sciences of Learning Strategic Research Theme

Technology enhanced learning: A dialogue between the fields of educational data mining, psychometrics and educational psychology

Date: 22nd May, 2014
Time: 12:30 to 14:30
Venue: Runme Shaw Building 204, The University of Hong Kong
Speakers: Dr Vincent Tam, Dr Maggie Zhao, Ms Sanyin Cheng

During the past decade, educational data mining has emerged to provide positive value to educational improvement, together with conventional academic communities such as educational psychology, psychometrics, among others. Ostensibly, these different strands of research seem to be in conflict: one focus on identifying meaningful patterns in available data versus one structuring and confirming situations to provide evidence. Given their shared goals in enhancing educational practice, this hybrid seminar is formalized to provide a dialogue opportunity for communities of educational psychology, psychometric measurement and educational data mining to recognize the unique attributes of the other, thereby increasing opportunities for collaborative research between these communities.


  • Topic 1 Educational data mining on big data for e-learning systems
    (By Dr Vincent Tam)
  • Topic 2 Modern psychometrics and technology in educational
    assessment (by Dr Maggie Yue Zhao)
  • Topic 3 Intellectual styles and student development (by Ms Sanyin

For details, please go to SoL-SRT website:

Sandwiches and beverage will be provided!

All are welcome!