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Feedback for Learning – Enhancing Feedback Practice with Pedagogy and Technology


(This is an event co-organized by Technology-Enriched Learning Initiative and Faculty of Law.)

Live Streaming

Details of the event:

Date : 20 September 2018 (Thursday)
Time : 9:30am to 1:00pm
Venue : Academic Conference Room, 11/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
(A LIVE streaming room (CCT-7.24-CCT-7.25) will be open when the main venue is full.)


Issues around feedback, both formative and summative, require meticulous pedagogical considerations. While it is widely agreed that feedback should advance learning, as opposed to merely explaining and justifying grades, the reality does not always reflect such aspiration. Reasons may vary from ineffective feedback format and mechanism, delayed feedback with little or no relevance to further learning, lack of student engagement in the feedback, or sometimes feedback inconsistent with assessment and learning outcomes. Moreover, there is also such concern of too much feedback, creating teacher-dependent learners and learning style. In this symposium, speakers across different faculties and disciplines will share their experiences in addressing feedback issues with pedagogical strategies and technologies.


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