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HKU Horizons Experience Awards

Message from HKU Horizons Office

Dear Students,

HKU Horizons Experience Awards

In support of its internationalization agenda, the University last year launched HKU Horizons, with the specific aim to promote and provide educationally meaningful and robust Mainland and international (ML/INT) learning experiences for undergraduate students. 

In order to encourage students to reflect on and share their ML/INT learning experiences, the HKU Horizons Experience Awards have been established.  The HKU Horizons Experience Awards competition will be organized annually in January, with a top prize of $10,000 and two further prizes of $5,000 to be awarded.

To enter the competition, undergraduate students must submit a video of not more than three minutes capturing and reflecting on their ML/INT learning experience.  Submissions may be made on an individual or a group basis.

Awards will be made on the basis of the substance and value of the learning experience captured, and also the quality of the video presentation.  The winning videos, acknowledged as “HKU Horizons Experience”, may be used by the university for promotional purposes, both internal and external.  The student producer, individual or group, will be acknowledged as appropriate. The videos may also be refined as appropriate and authorised by the HKU Horizons Committee.

Submissions for the 2019-20 Round are welcome from January 2 to February 10, 2020 (2400).  Please send in your submissions to  Further details can be obtained at


HKU Horizons Office

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