We believed most of us agreed that Hong Kong is undergoing a difficult period. Due to the pandemic outbreak in these few weeks, face-to-face classes have been suspended, and all teaching and learning activities have to be converted into an online format. As many learning activities have already been designed for face-to-face teaching and learning before the outbreak, it is a challenge for teachers to redesign them within a short period of time as well as to facilitate engaging and productive synchronous/asynchronous online sessions. Moreover, students also struggle to fully immerse themselves in the online learning environment due to the limitations of the offline environment in Hong Kong.

To help teachers to overcome the challenges, TELI has developed a full list of supporting resources:

  • E-learning Quick Start Guide: This guide serves as a portal of online resources provided to HKU staff and students (including Powerpoint, Zoom, Panopto and Moodle). It briefly describes how online learning can be adopted in different teaching context and styles. The guide includes technical demonstrations of the tools as well as tips and strategies for creating an engaging online learning session for students. Additional resources such as teacher showcases, good practices on blended/online learning and video production are also provided in this guide. A student version of this quick start guide is also available for students (link).
  • Online Learning FAQ Video Channel: Teachers can quickly learn the basics of PowerPoint, Panopto, Zoom and other related tools through step-by-step demonstrations and explanations.
  • Real-time Online E-learning Consultation Channel: Teachers can contact the E-learning Technologists at TELI for a one-to-one consultation session on questions related to online T&L.
    • Leon Lei (9162 3384) and Tyrone Kwok (5964 8396) who can both be reached via WhatsApp text messages.
  • Faculty-/Department-level Face-to-face Training: Hands-on training and deep-dive tool demonstrations on online learning tools can be provided to teachers on demand. The training will also include showcase sharing by teachers. Please contact Dr Leon Lei (culei@hku.hk) for training arrangements.

Your health and safety are always our top priority. Please stay vigilant and continue to make personal health your top priority. 

Written by Dr Leon Lei, Ms Crystal Luo, Ms Sharon Keung and Dr Tyrone Kwok